Management Services


  • Diagnosis of the company.
  • Feasibility study.
  • Study of the necessary actions.
  • Action plan.
  • Management to public bodies, creditors in general and banks.
  • Implementation of the actions. Direction of transformation.
  • Finalist strategic plan.

Employment advice

  • Evaluation of templates.
  • Plans of insertion.
  • Diagnosis of Social Climate.
  • Staff pick.

Industrial Consulting

  • Establishment of Control Panel.
  • Process Map Analysis.
  • Establishment of Management by Processes.
  • Establishment of specific process improvements.
  • Training of improvement tools.
  • R & D + i records.
  • Financial planning of investments.

Other services

  • Audit of Accounts. Issuance of mandatory reports.
  • Partial Audits.
  • Legal service. Legal assistance, both commercial and labor.
  • Valuation of companies and actions.
  • Computer Consulting.