Consultancy services

Accounting and tax advice

  • Implantation of Accounting.
  • Teaching in the keeping of official books.
  • Tax returns.
  • Tax planning.
  • Adaptation of the general accounting system to the needs of the company.
  • Assistance to Inspections.
  • Others.

Start-up of companies

  • Definition of the product and market.
  • Investment Study.
  • Concrete the necessary capital.
  • Search for funding.
  • Carrying out of Company Plans and Feasibility Plans.
  • Creation of sectoral groups or consortia.
  • Capital Search. Formation of investee companies.
  • Sectoral plans.

Responsibility or support in management.

  • General Directorates and Management.
  • Support in the creation of strategic plans and management plans.
  • Start-up of companies. Relaunching. Management Plans and Control Charts.
  • Transitional support in the areas of the organization: Commercial, production, financial, personal, computer.
  • Commercial Plans: Establishment of distribution channels. Formation of commercial networks.
  • Economic and financial plans: Specific investments, PUR (emergency plans), stabilization of maneuver funds, bankruptcy methods.

Control and permanent monitoring

  • Control and monitoring through a dashboard, information and contrast with managers and partners.
  • Assistance to the Boards of Directors, Boards of Members, Governing Bodies, Boards of Directors, etc. General Counsel and Legal Advice.
  • Permanent advice to managers: Commercial, production, commercial law, labor law, tax, economic-financial, accounting and human resources.humanos.
  • External controllers: Control and periodic contrast of areas, processes, circuits and documentation. Preparation of documentation to the management and management bodies.